Me, Myself and I

Hi there. Welcome to my blog, and enjoy your stay. It’s supposed to make you laugh, so don’t read while drinking coffee or any sort of beverage that may be spewed onto your computer accidentally. Please be aware of the occasional four-letter word that may slip past the censor. Also: I do not serve hot towels on this trip. I do have some Pop-Tarts that may or may not be disintegrated inside their wrappers.

What’s that you just said? I must say, it’s very rude of you to interrupt- but, I suppose if you are that adamant about it, I could take that job off your hands. Come again? You would be happy to offer me an enormous salary right off the bat- AND access to the executive sauna?!

You’ve got yourself a deal. I’ll be the best writer/economist/actor/producer/Powerpoint creator you will ever meet.

Here’s a link to my LinkedIn.

I wonder how many “link” references those guys make at work, where they talk about other peoples’ work. What a crazy world we live in.





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